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Every organization's success depends on its ability to keep customers satisfied with the services or goods that it offers.
We all know how we respond to poor customer service: we go elsewhere and we gladly tell our friends, colleagues and family members to do the same.
However, as business owners, we tend to forget that the same mechanism applies to our customers.
Most well performing companies have one thing in common; an executive team with a sense of competitiveness great enough to design a customer service strategy in order manage the end-to-end customer experience from sales to billing.
Customer service acts as a catalyst for every organizational function: R&D, marketing, sales, finance, operations, HR…
When something goes wrong with a product or when the brand promise is broken, customers do not call the CEO, the CMO or the product development manager, they call customer service.
Customer service representatives have the heavy duty to preserve the relationship, gather information and disseminate it within the organization to improve the process wherever the problem originated.
There is a non-exhaustive list of payoffs from a strategic approach to customer service.
To name a few:
- For the sales team: less aggravation so more selling time
- For the marketing department: positive word of mouth producing more customers at a lower marketing cost, more insight to design strategies from wellspring of data on customer attitudes , needs and behaviors
- For employees: a sense of mission, excellence, team work and job satisfaction
- For the organization: low turnover rate, a sustainable market advantage and more revenue

There is possibly a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Whether your project involves a redesign of your customer strategy, a precise diagnosis of your business performance or a reinforcement of specific skills, we are committed to providing you personalized services. Clientfield consulting offers expertise based on a sectoral approach to enable enterprises to remain competitive and to create sustainable organic growth.
Our consultants work in synergy with your team to accelerate your success.

When organizations perform admirably, concentrating on meeting their new financial goals, they may lose sight of what got them to this level of accomplishment, one of the main factors that drives businesses forward, customer service.

It is always a good time to perform a customer service audit. An audit reveals what you and your representatives are doing great and unearths areas of opportunities where you need assistance to reach the most effective attainable level of service.

Customer Relationship and Experience Management services:

- Customer service audit

- Customer support processes design

- Customer relationship strategy

- Customer journey mapping

- Recruitment and management

- KPI/ Reporting

- Strategic planning

- Sales force audit

- Sales team organization

- Recruitment and management

- KPI/ Reporting

- Market Intelligence

- Commercial translation French/English

- Branded-telemarketing ( Service only available in Côte d'Ivoire)

- Abidjanmarketing.net – The marketing webzine of Clientfield Consulting

Our events are tailored to provide participants with the necessary information to develop a competitive advantage on both local and international markets. Our experienced professionals and speakers share their business acumen and engage in finding solutions to critical challenges in their field of expertise. Furthermore, to ensure attendees return to their workplace with strategies they can implement, a relevant mix of content and current expertise is shared through industry specific case studies.
In addition to high quality content, we create outstanding opportunities for participants to maximize peer-to-peer networking and benchmarking through carefully designed interactive workshops and cocktail receptions for a positive return on investment.
In this dynamic and stimulating environment, business professionals and leading solution providers do not only gain knowledge to better tackle their daily challenges but also return with valuable business contacts.
- Certif'IQ e-learning

Clientfield Consulting offers e-learning courses in business development management specifically in Sales development, CRM & Marketing.



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