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Passion to Purpose

Clientfield Consulting was born out of a passion for growth.
Drawing on experience, expertise and creativity, Anaïs Aka-Laznicek , founded the firm to support SMEs in bringing permanent value to their customers.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Public Relations and Professional Communication respectively from Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan and New York University in Prague. She is a member of the Project Management Institute ( PMI) and holds certifications in Branding & Customer Experience, Marketing Analytics and Operational Excellence.
With over 10 years of experience in Customer Care, Sales and Marketing, Anaïs has a vertical experience in the following industries: Business process Outsourcing, Information Technology, Services, Nutraceutical. Her fields of expertise include strategic and project management, workforce management, customer satisfaction, reporting, sales management, business process redesign.

Since 2014 she works with SMEs in West Africa through her marketing agency Key Knowledge. She contributes to the reinforcement of specific competencies of their workforce by elaborating inter and intra-company training programs administered by well recognized training consultants.

Anaïs Aka-Laznicek has made her core competency the mission of Clientfield Consulting: work with company leaders to generate ideas, turn them into systems then implement and execute them to positively move results through people.

Clientfield consulting is management consulting firm which provides services in sales development, marketing and CRM strategies.
The firm is backed by a team of consultants with broad experience in Marketing, Sales and Customer Care strategies development acquired in a variety of business environments.

We help improve the bottom line of companies by completely committing to their projects and by building customized programs based on a proven approach.

Our objective is to present you with new perspectives of development and growth adapted to your market, its trends, realities and consumers' behavior.

We have the capabilities to help you move toward and beyond your business goals.

About us

Cadre supérieure de Banque, j’ai eu l’opportunité de participer à plusieurs séminaires de formations proposés par Key Knowledge. Et je qualifierais mon expérience en tant qu’auditrice de séminaires Key Knowledge d’exceptionnelle et très enrichissante. Exceptionnelle dans le sens où du choix des thèmes, à la qualité des intervenants et des auditeurs, au déroulement des sessions , j’ai pu vivre une expérience nouvelle en comparaison des séminaires de formation classiques auxquels j’avais participé jusque-là. La diversité de parcours et d’horizon professionnel des auditeurs, autour d’un thème commun est particulièrement stimulant et gratifiant. La participation de chaque auditeur est encouragée et valorisée, décuplant ainsi la contribution de chacun à la progression du groupe, lequel finit par devenir une véritable équipe sous l’impulsion du formateur.

- Marie Laure Mlingui Kore
Chef de service Développement Commercial et Bancassurance

Banque Nationale D'Investissement, CÔTE D'IVOIRE

Having worked closely with Anais in our respective leadership roles at AOR, I was very impressed by her strong work ethic, communication skills, and attention to detail in everything that she does. Her dynamic personality, positive attitude, strong drive for achievement, and her ability to understand and relate to others all make her a naturally gifted sales leader. Her sense of ownership over successful project execution is equalled by her commitment to customer satisfaction; this along with her genuine desire to help people and her willingness to take the time to understand the bigger picture and the resources available to create win-win opportunities for all parties all come together to make her an outstanding leader in customer service and project management. Anais can help your business and I highly recommend her services.

- Mark Vasil
National Sales Director

Advanced Othomolecular Research, CANADA

Depuis 2016, nous participons aux formations organisées par Key Knowledge à Abidjan en Côte D’Ivoire. Ces formations ont contribué à approfondir nos connaissances en ce sens qu’elles nous ont permis de :
-Savoir comment mettre en place les outils d'aide à la décision en les adaptant à la stratégie commerciale de l’entreprise.
-Renforcer la maîtrise des fonctionnalités de nos propres applications commerciales et exploiter les données.
Cela s’est déroulé dans une bonne organisation, bonne ambiance. Des cas concrets pour mieux appréhender les situations difficiles. Nous avons beaucoup aimé les jeux de rôle qui permettent de bien se rendre compte des différentes situations que nous vivons sur le terrain. Ce sont des formations dynamiques et interactives avec des apports pratiques, des échanges, de l'écoute. Les explications des formateurs sont très claires et bien illustrées. Je recommanderai fortement Key Knowledge.

- Patrice Compaoré
Directeur Commercial et du Développement


In 2014, I had the privilege of working with Key Knowledge on a Digital Marketing Conference in Abidjan, as a speaker. It was an engaging and insightful event, full of valuable networking, and knowledge-sharing. The fall out of the event has proven pivotal in my development as a digital marketing professional, in terms of acquired knowledge and confidence in my capacity. I'm happy to work with Key Knowledge on future projects.

- Kofi Asante
General Manager/Digital Lead

Interactive Digital, GHANA

I had the pleasure to work with Anais in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic. I admire her communication skills and leadership style. She supported her team, motivated them and paved the way for them to perform as expected. I was very impressed by her analysis on my business plan recently. Anais has a strategic thinking and ensures she has a deep understanding of the business structure and industry before making an input. Not only has she brought new ideas of boosting my company’s turnover but she has also outlined important characteristics for hiring new talents. Anais has the required commercial sophistication, drive and the uncanny ability to make things a success. She brings a lot of valuable input and analysis into the picture which boost not only employees growth but the company’s productivity as well. I highly recommend Anais and her team to any company that is planning on growing or expanding on various markets.

- Laura Nae
Founder- Business Development Director

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